What to consider when creating a Polarr filter?

When you create a filter, the first thing you need to consider is the goal of your filter, that is, what type of filter you want to create. We recommend that the following factors be given priority in filter selection.

  • Start with what you are good at. If you are good at handling portrait photos, then starting with a portrait filter would be more efficient for you. You only need to save your daily portrait processing parameters as a filter to create a high-quality portrait filter.
  • Create filters based on your own interest. If you are in a particular fandom, then your friends around you may be more concerned about how to handle their particular photos more perfectly. If you develop a Polarr filter for your fandom, you will have a higher chance of gaining more attention.
  • Create filters relevant to trending topics. Trending topics include recent movies, seasonal times of the year, festivals, and celebrities, etc. If our filters can be better aligned with the current trending topics, you are more likely to achieve better results with them.

Filters could either be designed individually or as a set. As a rule of thumb, the filter set can get a higher degree of favorability and influence. A filter set is a group of filters formed around a certain topic or aesthetic. The recommended number of filters in one set is 6-8. This number ensures the diversity of color in your filters for users to choose from and won’t cost you too much time to create.

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