How to promote your Polarr filter

1. Polarr official support

For excellent filter creators, we will likely feature your filters to all users in the app to get millions of exposures. If you set up your social links, then you can also increase followers from our official recommendation.


2. Using social networks

When creating and publishing Polarr filters on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter, you can use keywords including #polarr, #polarrfilter, #polarrcode, etc., to get attention. And you can also use related hashtags with your filter theme, such as #portrait, #food, #landscape, etc.


3. Start with your friends

When you release your Polarr filters, you might invite your friends around you to use them. When you send the Polarr filter QR code to your friends via messenger tools, they don't need to install Polarr right away, but can view what you have created. In order to test your filter on their photos or videos, they will need to download Polarr of 24FPS.


4. Join the community

Polarr now has active communities on Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Pinterest etc. Users in these communities have a high familiarity with Polarr filters and are ready to try new things. 


5. Breakthrough with a video

A significant advantage to Polarr filters is that they can be used for both photos and videos, so you can take this advantage to publish Polarr filters on video platforms such as Youtube or TikTok for more attention. To do so, download 24FPS

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