Authentically you with Magic Retouch

One of the most important aspects of our appearance is our face. We have the natural desire to look good in our photos, but there are days where we wish we added a tiny touch up. With the release of our new feature Magic Retouch, you can preserve and accentuate beauty with subtle, yet stunning adjustments.


Using Polarr’s generative AI, Magic Retouch analyzes faces to help heighten facial details and subtly enhance the appearance of your features for that naturally flawless and radiant look every time. Unlike other apps that simply apply sharpening and smoothing, Magic Retouch works differently by removing compression artifacts, restoring your facial details, and adding subtle details that naturally reveal your facial beauty. During the process, imperfections and blemishes are not completely erased, but are naturally toned down for a clean and believable look.


Does your photo include more than 1 face? Magic Retouch got you! The feature automatically detects each face and works to achieve a balance between retouching and a natural look for an unmistakable similarity of your original image, where you don’t see right away what has been edited. You can also pair Magic Retouch with Polarr’s skin and facial feature tools for those days when you want an extreme glow-up.


Other than using Magic Retouch to enhance your facial details, you can also use Magic Retouch to resurrect your older images and bring those old memories back to life. You can now relive your memories in high definition with just one click.


Magic Retouch is currently available to all Polarr Studio Subscribers with an iOS device. Simply upload your photo, select the automated face selection you like to edit and click Magic Retouch for that clean look every time.



When and where can I access the Magic Retouch tool?

Magic Retouch is currently only available for iOS Polarr Studio Subscribers around the world starting on April 3, 2023. You can access the Magic Retouch tool by selecting an automated face selection after uploading an image in the Edit tab, or by selecting Restore.


What images does Magic Retouch work best on?

Magic Retouch works the best on pictures with smaller faces, where your face takes up about 30% or less of the overall image. You can still use Magic Retouch on your selfies or portraits; however, the results may resemble a traditional beauty filter and appear to be more smooth. If you would like to use an image with bigger faces, click on Magic Retouch, click “Yes” to proceed with Magic Retouch and marvel at the facial touch-ups.


How does Magic Retouch work?

Magic Retouch uses a learning model that scans and analyzes your facial details. Once Magic Retouch has analyzed your facial details, it can automatically adjust the lighting and colors on your face to highlight the best features from your skin and face.


Does Magic Retouch use or collect my data?

Magic Retouch does not use or collect your data at all. When you turn on Magic Retouch, all of the processing takes place in your device and nothing is uploaded or saved to our server  – so your privacy is fully protected.


Do I need WiFi or internet access to use Magic Retouch?

No. You can use the Magic Retouch tool to preserve and accentuate your facial beauty anywhere and anytime, no WiFi or signal needed.


I am experiencing issues with Magic Retouch or have feedback for Magic Retouch. Who do I contact?

If you’re experiencing any issues with Magic Retouch or have feedback for our team in regards to Magic Retouch, please email us at and our team will get back to you within 48 hours.


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