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We’re thrilled to announce that our new Polarr Copilot feature is now available for Polarr Studio Subscribers in the United States. With this new magic feature, you can turn your creative visuals into reality by watching your words transform into unique, one-of-a-kind edits.



Editing used to be complex and stressful. Our mission has always been to offer applications that would allow creators and people to easily express their unique visual aesthetics to others. Our new Polarr Copilot allows creators to instantly edit photos with your own words and learn additional editing skills throughout the process. 


The Polarr Copilot utilizes artificial general intelligence to help you apply the edits that you would like to see on your photo. When you ask the Polarr Copilot to create an edit such as “create a neon, cyberpunk edit for a night photo,” you are providing the Polarr Copilot with a prompt that they/it can use to generate your desired outcome. The Polarr Copilot will then match your request to the correct categories in Polarr’s editing commands and provide you with up to 4 variations so that you find the best edit for your photo. 


Occasionally, there will be prompts which won’t match categories within Polarr’s editing command or where the model cannot understand your initial prompt and will make a guess at what you intended to mean. Currently, the Polarr Copilot is only able to create edits for global adjustments, meaning that these prompts that include adjustments to these categories are not achievable at this moment: Overlays, Manual Selections (selections that you manually chose to edit), and LUT.


After the Polarr Copilot has provided you with multiple variations of your creative vision, you can continue to talk to the assistant to build upon your creation. This includes follow-up adjustments such as: Exposure, Highlights, Brightness, Temperature, etc.


While new technology opens up new possibilities, we understand that new concerns may also arise. Our team is committed to learning and training our Copilot to serve our community in the best way possible. The Polarr Copilot includes protective measures that reviews prompts for terms that might generate harmful or unsafe edits or any prompts that violate our Community Guidelines.


We recognize the importance of responsible innovation and while our work in this space will never be complete, we hope to contribute to safe, equitable, responsible, and accessible technology with the Polarr Copilot.



How are the Polarr Copilot edits made?

To create AI-generated edits, the Polarr Copilot uses a learning model that scans millions of filters made in Polarr along with the text associated with them. The Polarr Copilot spots trends in the filters and text where they begin to guess which adjustments and text fit together. Once the Polarr Copilot can predict what an image should look like from a given text, it/they can create entirely new edits from scratch based on the unique prompt you may enter on the app.


Does the Polarr Copilot use or collect my data?

In order for the Polarr Copilot to make edits, your image is uploaded to the cloud for the Copilot to process, and is then deleted instantly after the processing is done. When processing, the Copilot will examine your image’s statistics such as Luminance, Color Distribution, etc. to suggest the best adjustments for your vision. The processing (and our Polarr Copilot) is purely machine based without any visibility to any human – so your privacy is fully protected. Your image, image’s data, and prompts will not and are not saved.


I'm experiencing issues with the Copilot or have feedback. Who can I contact?

If you’re experiencing any issues with our Polarr Copilot or have feedback for our team in regards to the Copilot, please email us at creatorsupport@polarr.co and our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

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