What is the difference between Polarr Pro Photo Editor and Polarr?

Though both are apps that are focused on the photo editing experience, there are a few key differences that set Polarr Pro Photo Editor and Polarr apart from one another.

Polarr Pro Photo Editor

Polarr Pro Photo Editor is our comprehensive photo editor, available on desktop, web browser, and iOS mobile devices. Perfect for photographers or editors interested in making fine, detailed adjustments to your images. Polarr Pro offers an extensive toolset focused experience — including classic global adjustment tools to powerful A.I. informed selective adjustment tools. A curated selection of filters are available for swift edits, or you can create your own filters from your frequently-made adjustments, making batch exporting quick and easy.
    • Available only on MacOS, Windows, web browser, and iOS mobile devices
      • Landscape mode available on iOS mobile version
    • Recommended for beginner or experienced professional photographers
    • Extensive toolset including:
      • 100+ global adjustment tools
      • Powerful selective adjustment tools
      • Overlays and text
    • Import and use filters created on Polarr Pro Photo Editor
    • Create filters in Polarr Pro Photo Editor


Polarr is our mobile-focused photo editor with a range of tools for general photo editing, available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Create and share your own filters, or find new aesthetics through filter Creators from all over the world with our Discover page. Polarr allows you to save filters, making it easy to view your photos through millions of unique color stories, for whatever mood you're feeling that day.

    • Available only on iOS and Android mobile devices
    • Recommended for casual editing and/or filter creation
    • Toolset includes:
      • Global adjustment tools
      • Selective adjustment tools
      • Overlays
    • Create, discover, and save filters
      • Create and share your own filters 
      • Search and discover trendy, new Polarr filters on the Discover page
      • Save filters created by others
    • Import, use, and find filters created both on Polarr Pro Editor and Polarr
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