What is a Polarr filter?

1. What is a Polarr filter?

In Polarr, you can save your own retouching parameters as "filters" to quicken the photo editing process. This allows others to try out your filters in the form of a QR code or shortcode. Others can import the filters by scanning the QR code or entering the shortcode into Polarr.


Polarr Filter Code

2. Can Polarr filters be applied to videos?

Yes, you could import Polarr filters into 24FPS and apply them to your videos.


3. How to discover more Polarr filters?

3.1 Inside Polarr

Polarr will release new filter packs every month, you can try and save them in the app.

3.2 Official Social Account of Polarr

We have official accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. The Polarr team will also release new filters on these platforms regularly.

3.3 Social Network

You can find many Polarr filters from our beloved creators by searching “polarr” or "polarr filters" as keywords on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

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