The differences between Polarr 5.0 and 6.0

Polarr 6.0 is concise and efficient, which comes with a powerful filter system. You can pack global adjustments, local adjustments, and overlays in one filter and share via QR code.


Polarr 6.0 main interface 


Compared to Polarr 5.0, the main changes include:

  1. New interactive design and interface layout
  2. Batch filters importing
  3. Focusing on image editing through removal of text & shape tools
  4. UI optimization for tablets coming soon


Polarr 5.0 (left) vs Polarr 6.0 (right)


Some tools are relocated in Polarr 6.0:

  1. Dehaze tool is moved from Light panel to Effects panel
  2. Fringing tool and Grain tools are independent from Effects panel as two new panels
  3. Distort tool and Border tools are moved from main interface to Crop panel
  4. Pixelate tool and Reflect tools are moved from Effects panel to All Tools panel


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