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You create your filters to show off your own personal tastes and aesthetics. It's how you set yourself apart from other Creators. Our team believes that displaying the popularity statistics of filters can help Creators grow their creative expression and understand their audiences' aesthetics in unimaginable ways. As of 11/13/22, we will shift from showing filter save counts in our app to showing lifetime filter export counts.


With lifetime filter export counts, Polarr filter Creators are now able to see how many times their filters have been used on photos by others since the filter has been created. This gives Creators more accurate information on which of their filters are popular – allowing Creators to adjust and create new filters that reflects their audiences.

Previously with filter saves count, a Filter Fan may save your filter – but this does not necessarily mean that they have ever used your filter on their photos. Our team decided it would be most beneficial for Creators to see and understand their filter export count, so they can continue to grow. To view how many times your filters have been exported within the last 30 days, tap on 'Exports', which is displayed on your Polarr profile. 


We are here to support you and we want to help you reach your greatest potential. Thank you for your continued support of Polarr and we hope that this change helps Creators grow their creativities even more.


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