Expressing Your Creativity: Polarr Profiles

You’ve got your own tastes and own style. It’s how you show the world who you are and what you can do. It’s why you love to create filters that spark the creativity in others. At Polarr, we believe that everyone has their own visual aesthetics and that everyone should be able to express them — which is why we built Polarr Profiles.


Introducing Polarr Profiles, the perfect space for you to show off your personal tastes in filters, aesthetics and a way to make the app your own little haven. With Polarr Profiles, it’s never been easier for others to find and discover your unique flair. Show off your amazing creativity and filters while staying connected with all your favorite Creators. Ready to find out what features are available in Polarr Profiles?


Profile Picture


Nothing is simpler and easier than adding a Profile Pic to show the Polarr community who you are. To add or change your Profile Picture, you can tap the '+' icon on your Profile or tap the 'Edit Profile' button. Adding a Profile Picture is an effortless way to add your own personality to your Polarr Profile and allows others to spot your account.



Through your Polarr Profile, you can now see all the Creators you know and love all in one place. Show your support for your favorite Creators with a follow! Following a Creator allows you to be notified when they create a new filter so you can keep building out your aesthetic. You can also see all the latest filters made by the Creators you follow in the Following tab in the Discover page. Curious about who’s a fan of your aesthetics? Find out who’s following you under the Followers tab! With following, you’ll never miss out on the newest filters and aesthetics from all your favorite Creators.


Total Saves



You work hard on your filters and you should know that! Check out your total filter saves at the top of your Profile and watch the number grow with you on your filter creation journey.


Social Links



Want to show off more of your creative work and see even more from Polarr Creators? Add your TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat to your social links today. Adding your social links allow other Polarr Creators and Filter Fans to connect with you more easily outside of Polarr. Just tap on the social network icons in their profile and share the love for Polarr Creators and Filter Fans like you!

These are just a few of the features we’ve brought to Polarr Profiles. As we curate more ways for you to express yourself, Polarr Profiles will be the space for you to be the most authentic you. It’s where you can share the beautiful aesthetic you’ve worked so hard to build, while staying connected to the amazing Polarr community that has grown with you on your creative journey. So keep creating your wonderful filters and show off your artistic ability. Polarr Profiles are there to highlight your one of a kind aesthetics. We can’t wait to see all your amazing Profiles come to life!

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