Creator Collection Collaborations

In Polarr and 24FPS under the Discover tab, you may have seen "Collections". We are now looking to make these fully creator collaborated!


This is a feature that is updated every month and is themed. Each theme is determined by the Polarr team and is available for creators to apply to collaborate with each week. The goal is to get more creators involved with our Filter Collections.

Polarr will pay $50 for the right to distribute your filter commercially. This will be featured inside of Polarr and 24FPS where each collection is free for the first week, and then available to pro users only. Be sure to download your favorite filters in a collection each week so you do not miss out. Collection themes will be updated monthly to help creators work with the Polarr team in a timely manner.

Upcoming Collection Themes:



How the Collab Works

  • Follow "Rules and Eligibility" below to be considered.
  • Apply within the Typeform "Polarr Filter Collection Submissions".
  • Be sure to select the right theme, and submit before the deadlines above.
  • The Polarr team will reach out via email to begin working with selected creators.
  • If you need any clarification on Filter Collection themes, please email or DM @polarr on Instagram.

Rules and Eligibility

To be considered for a collection theme you will be required to comply with the applicable rules and eligibility requirements as follows:

  • You may at some time be informed that you have you have been selected for a specific theme. That decision may expire at any time.
  • To earn the $50, you may have to work with the Polarr team to ensure quality and usage purposes across the globle.
  • Filters and photos provides must come from a free photo platform such as or These photos much also fit the theme of the collection you have selected and not contain any inapproiate content. The Polarr team may work with you on image selection as well.
  • If your filter is selected, you will receive an email from the Polarr Team with more information regarding payouts and eligibility.
  • You may not share this filter as it is a part of Polarr's Filter Collection collaboration endeavour. Any filters shared previous to a collection launch may lose their position.


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